Hello friends! I’m Mellanee and I am a health educator, fitness trainer and wellness coach. I’m married to my husband Pete for 26 years now and just moved our one and only, to college in 2017. I’m also a fur mom to an 8 yo German Shepherd, you’ll most likely see him make a cameo in the workouts I demo on social media.

We all have a story and over the past 26 years or so, I can say that at 20, I could never, ever imagine in my wildest dreams that I would be doing what I am doing with such passion and purpose today.

For seven years my husband and I struggled like many couples do with infertility. Seven painful years of seeking treatment only to have door after door closed for a variety of reasons. God’s timing is perfect. He took me into another country, not speaking the language, alone. My husband traveled and my anxiety soared because I was clearly no longer in control of an outcome. My behavior was deplorable and this behavior blocked me from truly experiencing this amazing country and enjoy what I had in the present moment. I had to surrender my pain and circumstances and LET GOD. With a strong, Godly friend and mentor by my side, at the age of 27, I gave my life to Christ. Immediately I felt a deeper connection to the energy the Lord had in store for me and doors opened in magical ways and with God’s guidance, we were led to the perfect doctor. In 1999 we had a beautiful baby that was a long-awaited gift and now a man off to be amazing.

About 14 months after my son was born, we moved from the midwest to the northeast and again, because my husband is the wonderful, hard-working provider he is, I bought the home, set it up and sat in it alone with my baby. Post-partumum or severe loneliness grew deep roots and my health suffered. I became depressed, had digestive issues endured several medical tests to determine the cause. Reflecting back now, it was stress caused by self-induced isolation. You see, I’m an introvert and in a new state, far away from family and friends. In hindsight, this was my perception – I chose to be isolated. I needed a buddy to step in and so God provided my neighbor and a gym. Whoa.

My very first group fitness class was a message of HOPE. God was conspiring to set me on a path that I mentioned earlier I could have never dreamed would turn out to be my life’s mission. My healing. Just a couple of short years later, I became a CPT, Group X Instructor and currently teach Spin, Barre, Pilates and preparing for my yoga teacher certification in late 2017.

Fast forward almost 4 years ago. I was teaching full-time, training and found myself more easily gaining weight than losing it in my 40’s versus in my 30’s. Again, God is always good and placed a holistic mentor in my path that taught me a new approach to nourishing my body. Girl, I was ready to for a change and knew that the decade of being a cardio junkie wasn’t serving my body nearly as well as eating real food, including more protein and less processed foods, hydrating and tweaking my workouts to include interval training and mind/body movement to reduce stress.

Today, my vision is BIG, so big that I want women to inspire one another and find practical ways to create a new, healthy lifestyle with small changes. SELF LOVE is at the top of the list. Through the daily practice of choosing YOU over unnecessary things or situations, love for yourself becomes second nature. It flows.

Make a decision, make a commitment and trust the assignment God has given you. Your body is a temple and tomorrow is not promised. The decision to change a routine you’ve had for so long (but is no longer serving you) is tough, but it’s one that is critical to a healthy life, long term.  My purpose is coaching and supporting women and their families to a life-changing journey to better health.  I’m here to help and so excited about creating a fitness plan that fits your specific goals and a nutrition program that encompasses four BIG issues that determine the state of your physical, mental and spiritual health at any time.  Sugar, Stress, Digestion, Sleep/Self-Care.


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Join me, as your health coach and trainer, to show you how to make better, easier choices to be healthier, happier, and have more confidence in your own skin. And most importantly, sharing this gift of a healthy lifestyle with the young women in your lives.

If you are ready to get healthy and balanced in mind, body, and spirit, I will be honored to equip you with the tools and support you need to know how to implement these changes for you and your family.