February Fit and Flow Workout Series

I’m going way back here, but my first at-home workout was with the beautiful, and suuuuper perky Denise Austin. I owned at least a dozen of her workout videos, most of which seemed to be of her motivating me from her favorite spot on the beach. 😉  During this season of life, I put the baby down for a nap, threw on shorts and a t-shirt (forget the cute leggings and sports bra) and popped in the VHS tape. I think the tapes had been played at least a hundred times, before I caught her early morning fit show. New workout each time and yes, I believe she did it all from the beach 🙂

Fast forward to today, I’m a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and teacher. Denise Austin I am not (she’s a powerhouse), but we do both share a very deep love for all types of movement and adapt workouts to meet all shapes, ages, and interests. Even though a majority of my workouts are done in an intimate studio setting with a beautiful tribe of women, I also love perusing a variety of workouts via YouTube to gain inspiration and enjoy a workout at home.

At the end of the day, your workout should be a rainbow of activities you enjoy. If you don’t like to run but you have running on your schedule because you think it’s what you should do, chances are you won’t stick with it. So don’t run. Your workout regimen needs to fit into your busy schedule, yes?

20/20/20: you don’t have to devote an hour to your workout. That’s why I love HIIT workouts. It’s the simplicity of little to no equipment, small space and exercises that appeal to most fitness levels….they can certainly be modified if you are a beginner and amped up to challenge the more advanced fitness enthusiasts. Can you carve out 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes of a power walk at lunch and a long walk with the dog in the evening? These are windows of opportunity, and remember simplicity.

My hope is you enjoy this two-part series of a real-time Fit and Flow workout. What is real-time you ask? I’m doing this along with you! Minus the beach, no special lighting and no breaks for editing, just me at home 🙂

This HIIT workout is promised to make you sweat, feel strong and boost your energy. If you decide to try the 20/20/20,  idea, you can easily do both videos and add a relaxing yoga flow before bed. And it’s totally worth the extra 5-6 minutes to tone and stretch with my Bridge + Stretch workout, bonus!

So, throw on your comfy clothes, tennis shoes and grab a mat, hand weights (optional), and water!

As always, respect and listen to your body’s cues to prevent injury.

Ok, so to get started just click on the image below!

Fit & Flow HIIT Part 1


Fit & Flow HIIT Part 2


BONUS Fit & Flow Bridge + Stretch


Congrats beautiful, you did it! Let me know in the comment section how you did and if you’d like to see more videos in future posts!

xoxo Mellanee

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