Hey 2018! FIT With SOUL HIIT Workout

Thank you so much dear friends for all the support throughout last year!! You’re the best, and I can’t wait to begin 2018 with you!

My prayer this year is to inspire you achieve more and take charge of your fitness, nutrition, and well-being. I work with women seeking to find support, motivation, growth and purpose. This makes me SO excited at the thought of you joining me (if you haven’t done so already)!

Until four years ago I kept my life busy with work, family, friends, etc, but deep down, I wanted to create a more intentional life. If you’re like me, you’ve got ideas, goals, dreams…..they may have shifted and evolved over time, but something about a new year brings excitement!

If you’re feeling a little off, anxious or just need a good sweat to detox, this workout will help alleviate stress and increase those “feel good” endorphins!

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Mellanee’s Fit With SOUL Intensity, Total Body HIIT Moves:


Exercising can make you feel good! It’s amazing the confidence and stability you gain when you make exercise a part of your daily routine. Now this HIIT workout is intense, and depending on your fitness level, can be done 1-3 times/week.

In addition, I strongly encourage a gentle vinyasa yoga practice, Pilates or Barre workout at least 1-2 days a week to stretch and elongate those beautiful muscles.

Here we go!!


Squat Fire Crossover Knee Tap – 45 seconds/15 seconds rest x 4

Stand feet hip width apart, hold weights in hands with elbows bent and hands close to shoulders, squat low, come up bring left knee up in front, simultaneously bringing right elbow to left knee twisting from the torso, squat low and repeat on other side. Works obliques and lower abdominal region.

HOT Plie’ Leg Extension – 45 seconds/15 seconds rest x4

Stand with feet wide (feet placed at 10 and 2 or 11 or 1) hands to chest center. Lower down into plie’ squat, exhale, come up extending right leg to tap floor or add lateral raise as shown below, sending arms up to sky. Repeat this move by alternating right and left leg extension. Keep those arms active!









Vertical Leg Alternate Fire Ab Reaches – 45 seconds/15 seconds rest x4

Lie down on floor with legs extended on floor and arms over head, press lower abs down, lift left leg up over hip and lift upper body up reach with both arms towards the leg. Lower arms back and leg down on floor and repeat with other side.

Side Plank Fire Hold – 45 seconds/15 seconds rest x 4

Lie on right side with forearm on the floor and legs extended in line with body, shoulders lifted and not sinking. Lift body up holding up on forearms and both feet, avoid sinking from shoulders and torso – lift left arm up over shoulder, hold for 45 seconds, lift left hip up about 2 inches and then drop right hip down towards the floor about 4 inches and rest for 15. Switch sides.   

Total work time: 18-20 minutes


Fit With SOUL Quick Moves:


Burpees  – perform as many as you can in 30 seconds

Jumping Jacks – full, hand clap, jacks in 30 seconds

Triceps Dips – as many as you can perform in 30 seconds

Push-ups – as many as you can perform in 30 seconds

Plank Shoulder Taps – hold strong, full plank. Lift right hand to tap left shoulder, place back to start and lift left hand to right shoulder, return to start, repeat for one full minute. Modify this movement by placing knees on mat.

Plank Step Up with Trunk Rotation – full plank, slowly step right foot up toward right hand (keep hips parallel to ground) and slowly lift right hand up toward sky, opening chest, slowly lower back down to start and repeat on left side for 1 minute. {set up below}












Total work time: 6-8 minutes

Thank you for being an incredible community and I can’t wait to give back this year!!

xx Mellanee


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2 Responses to “Hey 2018! FIT With SOUL HIIT Workout”

  1. Jamie Watson

    Happy New Year!! This sounds absolutely amazing! I am going to try doing this in the afternoons before dinner. 🙂 I think this workout combined with my New Years resolution (No fast food/candy), will significantly improve my overall results. Thank you for posting some fabulous moves!

    • Mellanee

      Happy New Year Jamie 🙂 I’m excited for you to try it out! Good to see you this morning!


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