Let Your Movement Be An Expression of Gratitude

Hello November, you’re gonna be a mood changer! I’m excited you’re joining me for a good workout + daily gratitude challenge. You can increase your joy and confidence when you commit to a new way of thinking. I’ve done a lot of physical and emotional clearing of space this year, and throughout this long (and worthwhile) process I feel gratitude begins when you’ve let go of stagnant, “replayed” stories that consumed your beautiful space.  When you drop that funky old energy, you have new eyes (thank you Jesus) to the wide open space of self-awareness, positive energy, and spiritual growth. In this space, GRATITUDE flows freely.  Scripture, books and things I’ve read and heard a million times are finally becoming wisdom and my shield of strength. When you make one step forward and five steps back, just know, once you commit to a new reality, you can’t totally go back to the old self, it’s not possible. My images, quotes and posts on social media are reminders to always keep reaching for the light, it’s always there. And most of all, your energy is always number one priority. Let it flow freely, protect it fiercely and trust the course of events God has laid out for you.

This month, pause and notice the small moments of beauty in the world. As you perform the exercises by themselves or as an addition to your regular workout regimen, let your movement be an expression of gratitude. Go one step further and share your expression of gratitude on social media. Tag @mellanee_harmon and hashtag, #expressionofgratitude  Remember, we’re all in this together <3

Click on the link below to begin!

Let Movement Be Your Expression of Gratitude November Calendar


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