How do I work full-time as a health educator, be a wife and mom to a teenage son, AND build a successful part-time wellness business?  Internal drive, passion and love for everything health and fitness.  I’m also successful, in large part, because of the support from my family and the beautiful team you see here!

Welcome to the inside of my online wellness business – the place to be for wellness-minded individuals who believe in the message of health while drastically improving their income (part-time or full-time) and creating the lifestyle they were meant to have.

I’m creating a life that I love by doing what I love. The best part? I get to help women from all walks of life become the best possible version of themselves and create financial freedom! Bonus: I get to work with these women daily and they have become my some of my best friends.  We lift each other up and support one another to be successful.  I absolutely love what I do!

We believe that:

    • Money and happiness are not mutually exclusive—you can have them both. Too often, wellness professionals get discouraged because they love what they do, but they aren’t making any money at it. It’s time to flip the script.


    • Wealth isn’t only defined as making a strong income (though I believe in that, too)–it’s also about how good you feel every day, how much fun you have, how much free time, and the overall quality of your life. This contributes largely to our business model, and we’re proud of it.


    • There needs to be time and money for the little things—soccer games during the week, lingering over a cup of coffee on the back porch, conversations with the neighbors, pit stops at the fresh fruit stand, smiles for strangers, walks in the park, wine-infused date nights and nourishing yourself in ways that you deserve.


    • Health is important. The health of your body. The health of your mind. The health of your soul. And (unapologetically) the health of your bank account.


    • Running your own business can be one of the most liberating, sensational, rewardingly lucrative experiences out there—and it doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating or costly to get started.


  • You can do this.

People who partner with us are independent entrepreneurs who want to improve their personal health, lifestyles and finances. In some cases they already have their own wellness business, and in others, they’re just getting started. In either case, we provide in-depth mentoring and state-of-the-art training to help you achieve your own personal wellness and financial goals.

While our team of women vary in what they do, one thing they do have one thing in common is this: A passion for sharing the message of increased health and wealth. If you, too, would like to help spread the word, this might be the partnership for you.

Here’s How It Works:

At the heart of it, what we offer you is a lucrative, easy-to-follow, proven business model—one that will show you how to increase your residual, recurring income in an exciting, modern way. Why?

Because anyone who’s into wellness knows their stuff—but they don’t always know the best way to build a business around it.

And that’s precisely where we come in. To help bridge that gap.

We specialize in helping you reach more people with your message, and in turn, help make the world a better place. Minus the cliché.

When you join our team,  we train you how to build the best business that you can. You’ll get access to state-of-the-art wellness products you can both use yourself and sell to your clients, helping to enhance your business and, in turn, enhance their lives. It’s a win-win like no other.

If you’re wondering why we’re willing to help you do all of this for free—don’t worry, there’s no catch. When we help you sell products from my product partner, you aren’t the only one who earns—we do, too. But we don’t get paid unless you get paid, so we can promise that our team is fully vested in your success.

Money can help you to live your true life’s purpose, be of service to the world, live the lifestyle you always wanted to live, and have the resources to pay attention to the little things in life that we all cherish so much. And if it supports your healthy lifestyle, we’re all for it.

Team Radiant Life Info Session ~ Come see what we’re all about!

Listen to the webinar that’s changing the lives of women around the world. You’ll get an insider’s peek into our business philosophies, how we make my income, and the next steps to getting started.


What You Get:

    1. We will train you, step-by-step, exactly how to build your wellness business. You’ll get immediate access to our team’s highly sought after training to start building your thriving online business when you join—we’ll take you by the hand, and show you, step-by-step, exactly how you can build a profitable wellness business for yourself. Just as we have for countless others.
    2. Exclusive training on building a thriving residual income.Residual (aka recurring) income is the heart of our business philosophy—it’s about leveraging technology and the right tools to dramatically increase your income, and keep it coming month after month. When you become a part of our team, you’ll receive full-on, detailed training on how to do just that, so you can focus your time and energy where want to—not where you “have” to. There’s no limit to the income you can make, we will show you how.
    3. Mentorship, guidance, support from people that have done it. You’ll become part of a large community and become part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll be surrounded by a network of thriving professionals that will provide you with the mentorship, guidance, and support to create a successful business.
    4. Have a business that fits your life, on your own terms. It’s your business; We’re just here for guidance and support.  You work where, when, and how you want. Generally, if you put in a little bit of work, you’ll earn a little bit of income. If you put in more work, your earnings will increase. You can build your business part-time or full-time; it’s totally up to you.
    5. Access to our team’s monthly Mastermind & Leadership Call. Join our monthly brainstorming & leadership conference call where we share ideas, motivation, and experiences. Each call is recorded for you to listen later if the call time doesn’t work for you.
    6. A path to become your healthiest, most radiant self. You’ll learn how to become the healthiest you’ve even been with our training, support, and high-quality supplements and products.
    7. Connection to a network of highly successful entrepreneurs.
    8. Expand your current network to find new ideas and motivation for your business. You’ll be connected to new people and brands with opportunities for guest blog posting, interviews, and cross promoting your business.
    9. Access to exclusive in-person training events. You’ll be invited to exclusive in-person training events to learn, network, and grow your business.
    10. Training to create your own online nutrition program (optional).  We’ll train you from top to bottom on duplicating our online nutrition program – branded completely around you. The training includes website logistics, marketing, and even the content.
    11. A spot in the Enlightened Entrepreneurs Gallery.  We love featuring our partners. We choose new team members each month to be featured alongside an impressive group of talented entrepreneurs in our Enlightened Entrepreneur Gallery.

2015 convention headshot

    • You want to create or increase your residual income
    • You’re a Health Coach looking to make a thriving, full-time income in your practice
    • You’re a Mom who is looking for a career that allows you to live freely while doing work that you are passionate about
    • You’re a wellness practitioner or health care professional who wants to expand your current business and increase your income
    • You want to be a part of a heart-centered, highly-successful, wellness-minded community of people who are sharing their knowledge with others
    • You’re a business professional looking to be in business for yourself
    • You want to provide your clientele with top-notch wellness programs, education and support
    • You believe in abundance and prosperity
    • You’re looking for an additional stream of income with a purposeful, passionate business model
    • You want to partner with ethical, highly-successful, wellness-minded entrepreneurs

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” ~ Helen Keller

Don’t wait to begin. When you join our team,  you’ll receive all the tools you need to start NOW.

Our Radiant Life team and I will provide you with the mentorship, training, and teaming support to make it all possible.

Life is short. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of your choices. And be proud of the go-getter inside you that KNOWS you were meant for more. Because, as luck would have it…You were. And we’re determined to prove it to you.

Team Radiant Life Info Session ~ Come see what we’re all about!